Thornton's Bookshop  ( W A & J S Meeuws )
( Ass. member of the ABA)
Established in Oxford in  1835
The Old Barn - Walnut Court
Faringdon, SN7 7JH
Tel. (OO 44 ) (0) 1367 240056 -
 Joseph Thornton
1808 - 1891

                                 Frontispiece                                                                     Binding
                                                                            135 x 165  mm
The guests of  Erich Alport , Esq. 
3 Mecklenburgh Square 
Guestbook from 5 January 1940 to 30 July 1965
With several drawings by guests NOW SOLD

Some of the signatures, all dated :

Cedric Dover  Anglo-Indian writer 1904 - 1961

Roland Hartless

Bentley [Powell Conyers] Bridgewater, museum administrator: born Vancouver 6 September 1911; Secretary of the British Museum 1948-73; died London 17 February 1996.
Lucian Freud
Stepen Spender ( several times)
Ivon Hitchens (3 March 1893 – 29 August 1979) , English painter who started exhibiting during the 1920s. He became part of the 'London Group' of artists and exhibited with them during the 1930s
Mollie Hitchens =  Mary Cranford ('Mollie') Hitchens (née Coates)
Robert Buhler RA 1916 – 1989 ( he drew the title page in colours) 
Tony Hyndman [ In 1933, Stephen Spender fell in love with Tony Hyndman, and they lived together 1935-36 ]
Peter Gellhorn (October 24, 1912 – February 13, 2004)  German conductor, composer, pianist and teacher who settled in London and made a career in Britain .
Heywood Hill, the London bookseller, friend of Nancy Mitford
Hedley Hope-Nicholson (born William Hedley Kenelm Nicholson, July 1888–18 July 1969), barrister and littérateur, and his wife Jaqueline Hope (d. 1972), were notable in English artistic and literary circles in the first half of the twentieth century.[1]

Lauretta Hope-Nicholson = Mary Lauretta Jaqueline Desirée Valentine Esmé ('Lauretta', 1919–2005) who married the artist Jean Hugo in 1949 and worked as an assistant editor on the Burlington Magazine
Gregorio Prieto, Spanish painter 1897 - 1992 
Elisabeth Gundolf, daughter of Friedrich Gundolf
A.J.P. Taylor = Alan John Percivale Taylor, FBA ( 1906 –1990) British historian
Michael Meyer , translator ,of Ibsen
John Craxton  John Leith Craxton, RA, (1922 - 2009) English painter. He was sometimes called a neo-Romantic artist but he preferred to be known as an "Arcadian".
Benno Elkan OBE (2 December 1877, Dortmund, Westphalia - 10 January 1960, London,  a German-born British sculptor and medallist. Married to Hedwig Einstein, sister of Carl Einstein and a concert pianist in her own right. Together they had two children: Ursula and Wolf, both of whom emigrated to the United States. He was the sculptor of the Seven-branched Candelabra (Menorah) for the Knesset in Jerusalem (a gift of British parliamentary members and others)

Hans and Cissy Oppenheim

Gerty von Hofmannsthal = Gertrude Gerty von Hofmannsthal ( 1881 – 1960 ) wife of Hugo
Christopher [Michael] Hewett  Perhaps the  English actor and theatre director. (5 April 1921– 3 August 2001 )

William Cohn, the Oxford émigré Oriental art historian, 
(1880-1961). his pen drawing on the opposite page

Henri Fluchère, First Director of the Maison Française in 'Oxford

Joyce Cary (= Arthur Joyce Lunel Cary, 1888 –1957) Anglo-Irish novelist and artist

A.L. Rowse  = Alfred Leslie Rowse, CH, FBA ( 1903 - 1997)
David Gascoyne  ( 1916 -  2001) English poet associated with the Surrealist movement.
Desmond Morris  British zoologist and ethologist

Marc Chagall , Russian-born French Painter and Stained Glass Artist, (1887-1985)
and V. Chagall = Valentina Brodsky (m. 1905–1993)

Nevill Coghill (1899 –  1980) British literary scholar, friend of Auden

Peter Levi , Former Jesuit, archaeologist, travel writer, biographer, academic and prolific reviewer and criticand poet , (1931 - 2000 ) professor of poetry at Oxford 1984 - 1989. 

Kurt Josten (full name Conrad Hermann Hubertus Maria Apollinaris Josten, aka C. H. Josten; ( 1912 – 1994 )  science historian and Curator of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford . In 1949, he achieved a major scholastic success when while working at the Bodleian Library, Oxford , he discovered the code used by Elias Ashmole (the founder of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford), used to encrypt his diaries. The decoded material was eventually published in 1966
Katerina (Käte) Wilczynski ( 1894 , Posen; † 1978 in London) , German painter, graphic artist and illustrator. Grew up in Berlin, studied in Leipzig and in Berlin under emil Orlik. Emigrated to London in 1939. Was one of the unofficial war artists for the British government and drew bombed buildings. With her drawing of Oxford spires in ink signed “Wilc ‘41” 
Lionel Benedict Nicolson, MVO (1914–1978) , British art historian and author., the elder son of authors Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West and the brother of writer and politician Nigel. After being appointed a MVO, Nicolson resigned from the Royal Household in 1947 and went on to edit The Burlington Magazine. 

Maurice van Moppes  (1904-1957) French artist and book illustrator .With his pencil drawing
on the opposite page.  Sous les initiales MVP, Maurice Van Moppès a rédigé, entre 1940 et 1943, 
un recueil de parodies de 25 chansons raillant l'occupation allemande et la collaboration. Ce livret intitulé 
"Chansons de la BBC" porte en quatrième de couverture l'inscription suivante : "Les Chansons que vous 
avez entendues à la radio (de Londres) vous sont apportées par vos amis de la R.A.F." (en effet ces livrets 
étaient parachutés par paquets par les avions de la Royal Air Force).

Cecil Collins
Sir James Cochran Stevenson Runciman CH (1903 – 2000), known as Steven Runciman
Alfred Cornelius Lynch (1931 –2003) , English actor on stage, film and television. and his partner:
James Culliford (1927 – 2002) , British actor on stage, film and television.

Dame Marie Rambert DBE (1888 –1982) , Polish-Jewish dancer and dance pedagogue who exerted a great influence on British ballet, both as a dancer and teacher. She founded the Ballet Rambert.

22 leaves of the c. 60 are covered with 196 signatures on right hand sides , 9 illustrations mostly on opposite 
sides, occasionally also on the right hand sides