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 Joseph Thornton
1808 - 1891

Miscellaneous titles
Poster 342 x 218 mm, Instructions by the Maréchal Prince de Soubise to his soldiers and others to behave and not 
cause any damage to the 
village of Seulberg. 
Dated 3 September 1762 . 
Left bottom corner torn 
off, not affecting the text
£ 45.00



Calman [de] Pándy (Kálmán Pándy)  & Hans-Eric Stenborg
Ungersk Dikt i svensk Tolkning
Med 23 originalträsnitt av Pál Molnár-C. och litteraturhistoriska ingresser av 
János Lotz. - Stockholm, 1944. - (Stockholm. Stockholms högskola. Ungerska institutet. Publikationer. 
Ser. A ; 1. 1944) 181pp.,  wrappers,  spine damaged,  covers worn,  £ 45.00


Lawlor, John & Auden W.H. (Collected by) To Nevill Coghill from Friends
Faber & Faber,1966, First edition 3-156pp. : front. (port.) plate,  orange cloth in d/j jacket frayed at edges, , cloth spine sl. worn at the bottom, armorial bookplate insuide front board, pencil annot on 1st e.p. some small remnants of cellotape on 1st e.p.  with the publisher's compliments slip ,+  obituary Nevill Coghill in the Tmes dated 10 . 11 . 1980 + facsimilés of Coghill's letter to David Luke of 30 Oct '61 and of his risqué poem "nous n'irons plus" [ see Oxford, Bodleian Library shelfmark MS. 15021 [1] + draft version of 'Thanks before going, for Wystan', Coghill's contribution to Auden's Festschrift, For W.H. Auden, published 21 Feb 1972, photocopy of typescript same shelf mark in the Bodleian.(first page shown here  £ 75.00


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I c i on chante
Lord,as at night X doze i n bed,
T h i n k i n g of Wystan as I l i e ,
Wondering what can be s a id
And whether I should even t r y ,
Verses f l o a t  i n t o ray head
I n p a i r s , l i k e swans upon a l a k e,
And down I w r i t e them,half awake.

But 0 a t the r e t u r n of day
I read them over with dismay.
As i f some s o r c e r e r w i t h h i s wand,
C a s t i n g the S p e l l of the F a c e t i o u s,
Had turned; my l a k e i n t o a pond
And made a l l f o o l i s h t h a t was p r e c i o u s,
And v e r s e s t h a t were smooth as S u c k l i ng
Quack i n p a i r s l i k e ugly d u c k l i n g s.

Had we the wealth t h a t s l e e p , a l a s ,
I n v e s t s i n our i m a g i n a t i o n s,
We should be Shakespeares a l l , o r pass

ETC... 10 pages 

The original contributions and correspondence between the publisher Holdan Books and the contributors 1980/1981 for
Included were stories by Oxford authors on a variety of subjects, articles on the  theme of Oxford, and some poetry. All of these illustrated by Oxford artists. The book never appeared since practically none of the artists, who had promised to help, produced art work


 Richard Adams  ( 1920 – 2016 )  A Sonnet
 Brian Aldiss  ( 1925 – 2017 ) Back from Java — a short story 
 Gillian Avery  ( 1926 – 2016 ) The Researcher’s Craft: Designs and Implements. (from  Research Concerning Nineteenth Century Children and Books (Monographs No. 17 ) 
 Giles Barber  ( 1930 – 2012 )  Oxford, Ossonio, Oxfort — Modern Languages printing at Oxford to  1800 ( promised but never submitted, instead he sent An introduction to the Housemaid ) 
 Sir Basil Blackwell  ( 1889 – 1984) May Morris — a lecture 
 Roald Dahl  (1916 – 1990 )  The Cow — a poem
 Eileen Davies  ( 1926 – 2011 ) Oxford's Voluble Inglorious Milton: -George Smith Green,  Watch- maker & Author
 J.P. Feather  Books Without Walls: Development of the Oxfordshire Book Trade 
 Dame Helen Gardner ( 1908 – 1986 )  Memories of Oxford Bookshops 
 Elizabeth Jennings  ( 1926 – 2001 ) A Weather Spell — a poem
 B.E. Juel-Jensen  An Oxonian’s view of Ethiopia, Travellers and Books
 David Low  Sir Isaac Newton’s Library and Chinnor Rectory
 Jan Morris  ( 1926 -- ) In a Name 
Hugh Williamson  An Oxford Family and its firm:-Henry  Alden, Publisher & Bookseller

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Juel Jensen plate 5

Brian Aldiss' signature