Thornton's Bookshop 
( W A & J S Meeuws ) 
( Ass. member of the ABA )
Established in Oxford in 1835 



The Old Barn - Walnut Court
Faringdon, SN7 7JH
Faringdon is a small market town near the 
Cotswolds, about 20 miles from Oxford

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188 years of bookselling experience
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The Mosaic is still located in the entrance of
the present tourist shop Background of this page is the 
old wallpaper removed in 2003

Tommy Joy, 1904 – 2003 . Bookseller, 
talks about his 
indentured apprentice at 
Thornton’s Bookshop, 
Oxford, 1920


1966 - my first stock

Badge received from the ABA.
( In fact it's 62 years ago, in 1961,  when 
I started in this profession) 

the Broad street shop till 2002

Member of the ABA 
1907 - 2011



History of 11-12 
Broad street

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Filming of
Inspector Morse

History of the bookshop

Famous visitors

Rayner Unwin : 
The making of The lord of the Rings.
New edition 2018, 8 pages in stapled wrappers. 100 numbered copies
all sold


Tolkien / Inklings

Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften -  Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse  for the years 1922 – 1938
( Proceedings of the Prussian Academy of sciences – 
physics and mathematics section ) 
The set contained 26 Einstein first editions alone  AUCTIONED and sold at Dominc Winter's science sale in  2019
Frishman, Marcel, Drawings
Oxford,  Bruno Cassirer, 1957, twenty-five tipped-in black and white plates., folio, number 62 of a limited edition of  500 copies. In a wonderful  contemporary full red crushed full morocco binding by Sangorski & Sutcliffe and described as a special copy on the last page In a matching slip case, also quarter bound  (spine and edges) in red morocco . £ 165
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Unique collection of theses dating from the 16th to the 20th century.  So far 376 titles have been described here, approximately 150 more are still to be listed. Subjects: Classical antiquity, theology, history, zoology, botany, physics, chemistry. The majority are in the medical field.

sold at  Dominc Winter's 
science sale 2019

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History of 11-12 Broad street
Thornton's in Wikipedia
Filming of Inspector Morse

Russian view of Morse


the Whittington Press
A collection of books, 
posters and catalopgues


 LEHMANN, John, (ed.)
The London Magazine
.A Monthly Review of Literature. 
12 early issues 1954 - 1956, 
including the first 3 .
Eliot, Jennings, Macneice, 
Pound, Fuller, Wain,
Gunn, Auden
and many other 
contributors £ 18.50
Al'bom Elizavety Nikolaevny Ushakovoi. Faksimil'noe vos proizvedenie.

Titles signed by the authors and/or illustrators and association copies

PRINTS and other works of ART
Ackermann's A history of the university of Oxford etc..

When We Were Very Young; Winnie-the-Pooh; 
Now We Are Six; 
The House at Pooh Corner
London, Methuen & Co.,, 1924-1928. 4 volumes, sm-octavo. Bound int full morocco, slip case £ 950
acquired by the Trustees of the British Museum in the year 1888
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus; 
Le vite de' dodici Cesari 
Venice 1738

 Douglas, Lord Alfred (ed.)
The Spirit Lamp: II , 13 May 1892; III. 20 May 1892; IV,  27 May 1892; V, 3 June 1892; VI, 10 June 1892; Volume 2, I, 21 October 1892; Volume 3, II, 17 February 1893; Volume IV, I, May 1893; Volume IV, II, May 1893 . 9 ISSUES INCLUDING THE THE LAST 2, THE RAREST

ALSO: Douglas, Lord Alfred (ed.)
The Spirit Lamp: an Oxford 
Magazine without News No. III, 
Friday, May 20, 1892 AND 
No. IV, Friday, May 27, 1892, 

we also have the issue of 20 May 1892 
and  IV of 27 May 1892


Kalashnikov, Anatolii( Ivanovich, ( 1930-2007 )
Voi'na I Mir : War and Peace : A Suite of Wood Engravings Based on the Book By Leo Tolstoy.one of 300 copies printed by the Libanus press £ 85


Shakespeare, William - Sonnets  in Chinese
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Rare & Antiquarian titles
Francis James Ronald Bottrall ( 1906  / 1989) ,  Cornish poet.
A collection of 41 (43 of which 2 duplicates) poetry magazines of which most include Bottrall’s poems / articles ( one by his wife Margaret) from the poet’s library. And 10 titles dedicated to him by Italian, Spanish, Brasilian  and Swedish poets £ 75
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Iris Murdoch
History of 
the bookshop

Famous visitors

Umberto Eco
Die Bamberger Apokalypse. Neunundfünfzig Farbtafeln. Die Miniaturen der Apokalypse und des Evangelistars in der Staatlichen Bibliothek Bamberg. Bibl. 140 (A II 42). Frankfurt a.M.,  Insel Verlag, 1958, Folio.59 mounted  facsimiles in full colours., 41, [1]pp.,  45 cm. , orig. half leather binding in  slipcase, Imperial folio. £ 125
 a unique and fascinating volume with something for every booklover.
Contributions by Richard Adams, Roald Dahl, Elizabeth Jennings, Gillian Avery, Sir Basil Blackwell, Brian Aldiss, B.E. Juel-Jensen, Helen Gardner and others £ 950
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Thornton's Bookshop
Scharlie & Wim Meeuws 
The Old Barn, Walnut Court, 
Faringdon SN7 7JH, 
United Kingdom
Nicolis, F.Bell Beakers Today: Pottery, People, Culture, Symbols in Prehistoric Europe. 2001, 2 volumes, 736pp., black and white illustrations, Hardbacks in slip case  £ 59.50

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These two volumes present over sixty contributions, from and international colloquium held in Trento, Italy, in 1998, which provide an invaluable overview of the Bell Beaker culture and recent developments in scholarship. The papers cover sites and discoveries in Spain and Portugal, Italy and Sicily, France, the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland, eastern and central Europe, as well as more thematic discussions of, for example, radiocarbon dating, metallurgy, society and culture, European contacts, technology, tools, gender and burial rituals. The majority of the papers are in English, although most European languages are represented along with English abstracts.   One of the most puzzling archaeological phenomena of prehistoric Europe is the widespread appearance of a specific form of ceramic vessel, a decorated, thin-walled, handleless drinking cup known as a bell beaker, throughout western and central continental Europe and the British Isles during the second half of the third millennium B.C. The bell beakers were often found in male burials that also included archer's wrist guards of polished stone, V-perforated buttons (with two holes drilled from one side at an angle until they converged to form a single V-shaped channel), and copper daggers. Archaeologists refer to this phenomenon as the "Bell Beaker complex" or, more efficiently, simply as "Bell Beakers."   The earliest form of Bell Beaker called the Maritime Bell Beaker probably originated in the vibrant copper-using communities of the Tagus estuary in Portugal around 2800 - 2700 BC and spread from there to many parts of western Europe. An overview of all available sources from southern Germany concluded that the Bell Beaker Culture was a new and independent culture in that area, contemporary with the Corded Ware Culture.This conclusion was supported by a review of radiocarbon dates for Bell Beaker across Europe, which showed that the earliest dates for Bell Beaker were 2900 BC in Iberia. This makes the style contemporary with Corded Ware, but beginning in a different region of Europe. Bell Beaker has been suggested as a candidate for an early Indo-European culture, more specifically, an ancestral proto-Celtic. Despite the date this work came out in 2006.